Student Visa

Canada Student Permit Visa
Canada is a wonderful country to live, work and study in. The transparent government policies, ideal work conditions and excellent education system attract thousands of people every year.

Benefits of Studying in Canada:-Canada Eligibility Check

1) World class education system.
2) Affordable international education including a low cost of living in comparison to a great deal of other countries.
3) A multicultural society that gives a foreign individual the opportunity to both learn from other cultures and fit in with their own.
4) Canada is ranked as one of the most peaceful places to live in by the United Nations.
5) Canada is a bilingual country and is considered a world leader in language training.

What is a Study Permit Visa?
A Study Permit is a printed authorization issued by the concerned officer allowing the foreign students to study in Canada. Before you plan to study in Canada you should have been accepted or received a letter of admission from the designated learning institute where you want to study.

How we can help:
At CIS our team can assist you in numerous ways. We can help you select the best educational institute as per your interested area of study, check your eligibility against the admission criteria of the designated institute, obtaining a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institute, apply for a study permit and provide pre departure counselling.

How to Apply
Fill out the free assessment form given below in order to take the first step towards getting permanent residency in Canada. An immigration expert will assess your profile details and subsequently will contact you with complete details and advice with regard to what program you may be able to fit under.

Please see us for eligibility conditions on receiving a permit to study within Canada.